Senator David Watters endorsed by Foster’s Daily Democrat


Dover, NH—In an editorial published on Thursday, highlighting his record of achievement, Foster’s Daily Democrat endorsed Senator David Watters in his reelection efforts.


“I am honored to be endorsed by Foster’s Daily Democrat,” said Senator David Watters. “I look forward to working on behalf of District 4 in the next term, and I will continue to reach out to every voter between now and Election Day.”


See below the full endorsement published in Thursday’s Foster’s Daily Democrat.


District 4: Watters the best choice

Foster’s Daily Democrat

September 18, 2014


In the race for the District 4 State Senate seat, which represents Dover, Barrington, Somersworth and Rollinsford, we are endorsing the re-election effort of David Watters.

Watters has fulfilled his campaign promises from 2012 when he was first elected to the seat.

He has remained fiscally conservative and promoted bipartisanship. 

He signed off on — as did members of both parties — one of the most honest budgets to clear the New Hampshire Legislature in a long time. It was based on conservative revenue estimates which have proved to be within the margin of error. And there have been no significant smoke-and-mirror games like those played by earlier legislatures — Democrat and Republican — which have sought to hide deficit spending or overly ambitious revenue estimates.

This does not mean a lack of challenges will face Watters if he is re-elected. But it does mean, in our view, that Watters has earned another term.

During an editorial board meeting on Tuesday, Watters appeared eager and well prepared for what lies ahead should he be re-elected.
Watters offered a youthful enthusiasm which belies his age of 60-plus years, while possessing the wisdom to know veterans from the other side of the political aisle like Republican Senate budget guru Chuck Morse have a lot to offer. 

But what really makes Watters stand out in this race — and in comparison to many of our past state legislators — is his list of accomplishments.

The Seacoast region has long suffered from a legislative delegation politically outmuscled by those from the state’s central corridor — Nashua and Manchester — which have reaped the financial benefit. 

Watters, however, has been successful in starting to reversing that tide. 

He helped secure additional education funding for Dover schools after it was discovered by local officials that the state funding formula was shortchanging the Garrison City.

Watters was able to help bring state funding to Dover’s Career Technical Center.

His efforts helped to come up with the added funds needed to complete the work in progress in the area of the Little Bay Bridges — a critical funneling point between the coast and much of District 4.
Watters has also recorded successes beyond bringing some of our tax dollars back to the Seacoast.

Just last month, Gov. Maggie Hassan signed into law Senate Bill 348, sponsored by Watters. The bill is aimed at preventing sexual abuse and giving our schoolchildren the knowledge they need to realize when something is wrong.

It is also to Watters’ credit that his name can be found on bill after bill aimed at improving the state’s business climate and creating jobs.

Watters’ understands that a healthy business climate breeds much. It helps grow the state’s economy and contributes to our quality of life. It brings in tax dollars so the state can better address many pressing needs like education funding and social services for those in need.

A thriving business community is also key to creating the jobs needed to keep our young people and their talents from fleeing the state after graduating from our colleges and universities.

For all these reasons and more, we urge voters in Dover, Barrington, Somersworth and Rollinsford to re-elect David Watters on Nov. 4.

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